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LET IT BE Receives a Five Star Review at Foreword Reviews

Bracket Books is pleased to announce that Chad Gayle’s forthcoming novel, Let It Be, has received a five star review at Foreword Reviews, which distributes its reviews to over 7500 booksellers and librarians around the country. According to the reviewer, Chad’s book is a “concise yet layered novel … a powerful story with melodic accents from the Beatles’ final album.”

Read the entire review at Foreword Reviews (Book Review: Let It Be).

Let It Be will be released on May 8 in trade paperback and eBook formats. Subscribe to our newsletter to get updates on Let It Be and other forthcoming titles from Bracket Books.

Press Release for Let It Be: A Novel by Chad Gayle

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New York, NY (3/13/2013) — Bracket Books will publish Chad Gayle’s novel Let It Be in trade paperback and eBook formats on May 8, 2013, exactly forty-three years after the Beatles released their final album, Let It Be, the recording project that contributed to the band’s demise.

The Beatles’ Let It Be project was supposed to bring the members of the frayed band closer together, but the recording sessions associated with the album introduced new pressures that drove the Beatles even further apart. In Chad Gayle’s novel, Let It Be, the album’s tortured history becomes a metaphor for the struggles of the Jansens, a Texas family that has been ripped apart by an ugly divorce, as Mr. Gayle harnesses the energy and sentiment of eight tracks from the Beatles’ Let It Be to tell this moving story.

In Mr. Gayle’s novel, Michelle Jansen uproots her family and moves to Amarillo, Texas, where she struggles to meet the emotional needs of her two children and continually rebuffs the demands of her overbearing ex-husband. Finding love and support in the arms of a coworker who is as much of a Beatles fan as she is, she gains the confidence and strength that she needs to stand on her own, but she is blindsided by an unexpected betrayal when her ex turns her very own son against her. After a family that has already been split down the middle is thrown into chaos, it’s up to Michelle to find a path toward healing and forgiveness, a way to right the wrongs that have hurt them all.

Chad Gayle has written for literary journals and trade publications. He worked for several years at Poetry Magazine and taught English at both Meredith College and Texas A&M University before he started writing full time. His debut novel, Let It Be, will be available at BracketBooks.com, Amazon.com, and at retail outlets where paperbacks are sold on May 8, 2013.

For interviews or event opportunities such as signings, please contact Sam Majors at sammajors@bracketbooks.com. To request an advance reading copy, contact Jenn Braxton at jennbraxton@bracketbooks.com.


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