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Questions & Answers - Bracket Books Publishing

Questions & Answers


Another publishing company? Is that really what the world needs?

We believe that the world can never have too many publishers or too many books. We are passionate about photography and photographers and we believe that there are books that should be published but will be ignored by conventional legacy publishers, so it’s up to small, independent presses (like Bracket Books) to publish those books.

What do you publish?

Mainly, we publish non-fiction about photography or photographers, but we also have a weakness for novels that are tied in a serious way to pop culture.

What kind of non-fiction do you publish?

Here’s an easier way to answer this question: we do not publish technical manuals, how to books, art books, or non-fiction that isn’t connected in some way to photography, to a photographic movement or trend, or to a particular photographer or photographers.

What kind of fiction do you publish?

We are primarily interested in publishing literary fiction, mainstream fiction, commercial fiction, and women’s fiction, but any fiction that we publish has to be connected, in some significant way, to pop culture or to photography. We do not publish short story collections, erotica of any kind, poetry, plays, or children’s books.

Note that we’ll only publish, on average, one novel a year, because our focus is non-fiction. This means that we are extremely selective about any fiction that we choose to publish.

Do you publish reprints?

At this time, we are not interested in reprints.

Do you publish X kind of books?

If you’ve written a book that doesn’t fit in any of the categories that we’ve listed above, we probably aren’t interested in it. There is a good chance, however, that someone else is, and there are plenty of good online directories like Duotrope.com that will help you find the right small press for your book.

Do you publish first time authors?

We do publish first time authors, but we are very selective in what we choose to publish. While we are certainly interested in publishing books that have been overlooked by legacy publishers, we won’t publish anything that doesn’t reflect our high standards, nor are we interested in serving as an editorial service for writers who are not practiced at their craft.

My book has already been published (by me or by X publisher), but I’m not happy with it. Can you publish it instead?

We will not publish any book that has already appeared in print or has been published as an eBook through any online service. (These books are considered reprints.)

Can I send you my manuscript or my photography?

The answer to this question is an emphatic NO. We do NOT accept unsolicited material of any kind, and any unsolicited material that we receive will be discarded upon receipt.

I’ve read through this Q&A and I’m sure that my manuscript is right for Bracket Books. What’s the next step?

If you’ve read through this page and believe that you have a book that we would be interested in publishing, use the Query Us form to tell us more about it. Our response time varies, but we do answer each query; if you haven’t gotten a response from us after six weeks, feel free to resubmit your query or Contact us.

If we like your idea and think that your book might be a good match for us, we will ask to see more. Do not send us anything if we haven’t asked you to send us your manuscript, as any unsolicited manuscripts (or other material) will be discarded (i.e., it will not be returned, nor will it be read).

What sort of royalties do you offer to your writers?

As a twenty-first century small press, we want to offer options to writers (and to readers). We are not locked into a standard royalty model, as most legacy publishers are, but our standard royalty is 20% of gross sales (after discounts have been applied, in the case of Amazon and wholesale trade). The royalty rate is written into the contract and does not change over time.

What publishing rights do you take in your contracts?

Although we use a standard contract for most acquisitions, some rights are negotiable. In general, we assume the right to publish an English language only edition of your book in an eBook format as well as a printed format. Because eBooks can be distributed with such ease internationally, we assume some basic foreign rights (i.e., for books sold outside of the United States), but this is not the same thing as assuming rights to a foreign language edition of your work. We also assume the right, through the contract, to publish future editions of your book if we reach an agreement with you to do so; because distributing a book or an eBook is not the same thing as publishing one, we also have the right, through the contract, to distribute your book or your eBook through platforms not mentioned on our web site or in the contract (this could happen, for instance, if a new company becomes a distributor for eBooks or expands its eBook offerings).

You retain the copyright to your work, as you should (and any so called publisher who tells you otherwise should be avoided). The contract is valid in perpetuity unless otherwise agreed upon by the parties involved.

I’ve read through this entire page and I didn’t find the answer to my question. What now?

Feel free to Contact us if you didn’t find the answer you were looking for.