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About Bracket Books - Bracket Books Publishing

About Bracket Books


Bracket Books was founded by publisher Sam Majors and is based in New York, New York. The company was established to fill a niche, a publishing void that grows larger as traditional print publishers continue to consolidate, struggle to maintain their narrow profit margins, and hold onto outmoded methods of distribution and old-fashioned book marketing techniques. Our business model embraces digital distribution and online marketing, and although we love to design and devour books that are produced in a printed form, we understand that the key to succeeding in the book industry in the coming decades won’t be price points or corporate alliances; the key will be, as it always has been, matching the right author with the right audience, and doing so in an efficient, intelligent way.

Although we publish fiction, our focus is non-fiction, and we’ll be releasing approximately four non-fiction titles for each fiction title we publish. At this time, we do not publish coffee table books, art books, or children’s books, and we cannot imagine ever being interested in publishing poetry or plays. We are primarily interested in books about the art of photography or about photographers, but we will also publish fiction that is connected, in an important way, to pop culture, particularly to movements in film or genres of popular music (think, for instance, of Michael Chabon’s The Amazing Adventures of Kavalier & Clay).

If you have a finished manuscript that would be right for us, please use the Query Us form that we’ve provided, and please be sure to read over our Q&A before you submit us anything. Note that we do not accept unsolicited manuscripts under any circumstances; any unsolicited manuscripts that we receive will be discarded.

If you are not a writer and need to contact Bracket Books for any reason, please visit our Contact page.

Bracket Books is a proud member of the Independent Book Publisher’s Association (IBPA).